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GSW: Which Free Agents Should The Warriors Get?

ImageWith Jack gone, could Billups be the perfect replacement? 


The Golden State Warriors have been nothing short but active during this year’s off-season.

With players such as; Jarrett Jack, Carl Landry, Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson and fan-favorite, Andris Biedrins, are all long gone from the team now, It is safe to say that the Warriors have lots of holes to fill.

Aside from the acquisition of Andre Iguodala (which I may admit is a GREAT pick up for the Warriors), there are still a few guys out there that I believe can help benefit this team next season and maybe even more.


As of today, Chauncey has yet to be signed by a team. Yea, we know he’s up there when it comes to age, but he’s a proven vet with a ring that can command the respect from anyone he’s on the floor with. Chauncey Billups will be the perfect back up to Curry now that Jack has packed his bags for Cleveland.

2. Joel Pryzbilla

There’s not a wide variety of free-agent Centers out there, but the Warriors need one. They need a back up to Bogut. With Biedrins gone and the uncertainty of Festus’s return from his knee injury, Pryzbilla is the only UFA Center I see that’s worth paying for. He’s a blue-collar type player who plays tough defense, Exactly what Mark Jackson needs his back-up Center to be. 

**I think the Warriors should try to make a trade for Omar Asik before signing a free-agent Center

3. Jason Maxiell

Carl Landry’s replacement? 


**other notable names: Ivan Johnson, Sam Young, J.J. Hickson, Daniel Gibson, Mo Williams and Anthony Morrow.

Why are the Giants so bad this year?

Imagebecause of this guy.


Giants fans, what is up with our team this year?!?

As of today, our Giants, our defending World Series Champion Giants, currently have an abysmal record of 39-45 and not to mention, last place in the division.

And to pour more salt on our wounds,THE FREAKING DODGERS ARE AHEAD OF US IN THE STANDINGS!!!

You want to know what’s wrong with the our beloved Giants? I’ll tell ya…

Injuries. Lots of them.

Unlike in 2012 where the Giants remained mostly healthy throughout the whole season, the Giants have been bit by the injury bug this year. From losing Ryan Vogelsong with a right hand fracture, Santiago Casilla and his cyst on his right knee, Chad Gaudin injuring his right elbow and the most crucial of all in my opinion, losing Angel Pagan to a dreadful hamstring injury.

You can’t win if you can’t stay healthy!

Horrible Pitching

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the Giants pitching, Starters and Bullpen, STINK!!!

Remember when the strength of this team was our pitching? Yea, kiss that good-bye.

Aside from Madison Bumgarner having a stellar year, everyone else in the rotation seems to be still hungover from last year.

Cain’s been bad. Vogelsong’s been bad. Zito’s been bad. And Timmy? No comment.

And we can’t forget how bad the Giant’s bullpen is either.

I’m not sure how accurate this is, but I honestly think we have thee worst bullpen in all of baseball. Every pitcher from the bullpen that gets summon into the game just, in plain words, suck.

The most crappy one of them all? Jeremy “I blow it every time” Affeldt.

God, I hate that guy.

Poor decisions by our big-headed skipper and the lack of hitting has caused us a several games too. 

But hey, look on the bright side. At least the Giants are sucking now rather than later. We can’t really predict how this season will unfold until after the All-Star break. So, there is still hope, Giants fans.

But in all honesty, it is truly difficult, to be a Giants fan right now.




SFGIANTS: No seriously, where is this guy?

ImageWhere are you, Mr. WIlson?


Almost 50 games into the 2013 season and there is still no word and/or no site of the 2010 World Series hero, Brian Wilson.

What in God’s green earth has B-Weez been doing? Well obviously, he’s most likely recovering from the TJ surgery he had done last year.

But why no recent updates lately? From what I can last remember, Brian Wilson said he wanted to wait until he was 100% healthy before auditioning for ball clubs.

Well, is he fully healthy yet?


Is the Bay Area the best “Sports Town” right now ?

Image“Who’s got it better than us?”


As of today, of course.

Move over, Boston. Move over, LA. As of today, the Bay Area is without a doubt, thee best “Sports Town” of them all!

Within the past few years, is it safe to say that Bay Area sports teams (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, etc) are the best, if not thee best, in their respective sport?

The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series twice in three years and is currently in 1st place in the NL West.

The Oakland A’s went all the way to the ALCS last year and aside from being swept by the Cleveland Indians just recently, it sure looks like they’ll be back there again. (Shout out to Kao!)

With Jim Harbaugh as the coach and Trent Baalke as the GM, the San Francisco 49ers quest to capture their sixth Super Bowl title will now happen sooner rather than later. The 49ers, who have been to the NFC Championship Game two years in a row now, came less than 5 yards short of winning Super Bowl XLVII. 

And what can I say about the Golden State Warriors? With the recent success this team has been having, The Bay Area is most def back on the NBA map! With all the young stars on the team led by Stephen Curry, the Warriors are a team to be reckoned with for the next five or so years. The Warriors are back!

I’m not a big fan of Hockey, but what I do know is that, the San Jose Sharks have been constantly in the Playoffs. It’s just a matter of time before they win the cup. Things are looking good for them so far in the Playoffs right now.

And the Oakland Raiders? Well, they’re the Oakland Raiders. But hey, they can’t go anywhere else but up right? 

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention Stanford’s football program who recently won the Rose Bowl. Jim Harbaugh and now, David Shaw, has completely turn that football program around for the better. The future is bright for their football program and now we can all agree that College football in the Bay Area, is relevant once again.  

Ahhh…It feels so damn good to be from the Bay!